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Ability Assist Counseling Services


Counseling, Mental Health




Life presents complex challenges. If the unexpected happens, you should have simple solutions to help cope with the stress life changes that may result. That's why The Hartford's Abi Assist Counseling Services, offered by ComPsych®, can play such an important role. Our straightforward approach takes complexity out of benefits when life throws you a curve.

Compassionate Solutions For Common Challenges

From everyday issues like job pressures, relationships and retirement planning to highly impactful issues like grief, loss, or a disability, Ability Assist is your resource for professional support.

You and your family, including spouse and dependents can access Ability Assist at any time, as long as you are covered under Disability insurance, Voluntary insurance or Leave Management Services with The Hartford.

Service Features

The service includes up to three face-to-face emotional or work life counseling sessions per occurrence per year. This means you and your family members won't have to share visits. You ca each get counseling help for your own unique needs. Counseling for your legal, financial, medical and benefit-related concerns is also available by phone.

May 25, 2024   |      Burn Day

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